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W.H. Mitchell, VII

Senior Recruiting Partner,
Consulting Group


    Bill Mitchell delivers      the outstanding results top consulting firms demand.  His bold, pro-active style empowers clients to acquire the finest staff on target, on time, every time.

The exceptional hires you seek aren't actively looking; they're too busy earning money for your competitors. Mr Mitchell's deep network keys access to the best candidates, not simply the easiest to find.

The executive search process has become more difficult than it needs to be.  Let's fix that...

In a perfect world, the candidate's resumé would answer all of a hiring manager's must-have questions in advance, no more recruiter-tag to fill in the gaps.

And with this our vision is clear - not only to discover outstanding, hirable consulting talent but also to present them in such a way that an interviewing decision can be made within moments, not hours or days.  Here's how we make success happen!...

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