Answering Follow-up Questions Before You Ask...

The problem with the traditional resumé is that it leaves the hiring manager with many unanswered questions: How long did they work with this software? Why did they leave that job? How many go-lives have they completed? Why not just eliminate this game of fill-in-the-blank by answering all of the tough questions in advance?

Imagine this - a powerful new career dashboard, optimized to identify and analyze top deliverables from within each candidate's background while presenting a detailed breakout of key performance indicators. Imagine a highly-structured, easily-reviewable presentation which hiring managers can process at-a-glance!

Based upon years of interacting with hiring managers, we've designed this powerful new presentation to answer in advance the kind of questions our clients typically ask in follow-up phone calls. We could go on but a picture is worth a thousand words. Introducing the DecisionProfileTM, a powerful tool for empowered professionals!

Questions Answered:

  • Core Overall Deliverables
  • Dashboarded Best-of Skillsets
  • Reason-for-leaving Each Job
  • Calculated Years on Each Job
  • Compensation Data
  • Location & Travel Preferences
  • Citizenship & Visa Status
  • Security Clearances
  • Fluent Languages Spoken
  • Full Text of Original Resumé

Hiring Managers:

Reviewing complex backgrounds will be faster and easier than ever before!


Each candidate’s top skillsets have been thoroughly data mined & dashboarded, responding to your must-have questions in advance!


Because each DecisionProfileTM follows an identical structure, you'll always know exactly where to look for the information you seek!

Consulting Candidates:

Finally, it's the ultimate first-impression tool!


Always put your best foot forward as your top deliverables leap from the page in this highly-structured, easily-reviewable format.


Never again will your best skillsets be missed, buried within the narrative of your resumé!

Get Yours Started:

To begin building your own DecisionProfileTM right away, simply click the  Build Your Own!  button above. A new page will open with instructions to update and then submit your resumé to us. Good luck!