Submitting and Data Mining Your Current Resumé...

The process of developing your personal DecisionProfileTM begins with emailing us an updated (as demonstrated below) MS Word version of your current resumé. Once we've received your resumé we'll enter your work history into our database and email back to you a private link whereby you may begin data mining your top deliverables.

This process does not represent a mere job application. Rather, we are partnering with you to create a powerful marketing presentation designed to aggressively promote your background to potential hiring managers. In that spirit, please give this a 100% effort. Let's do the hard work up front so there are no surprises when it counts!

In order to create your DecisionProfileTM, we'll need your resumé to contain specific content it may currently lack. Please take a few moments to look at the sample below and update your resumé accordingly. You are not required to follow our exact formatting - simply make sure your presentation includes all the information highlighted within the sample.

Professional References:

In addition to your resumé, we will need at least 2 professional references intimately familiar with your work. These references will be checked right away so please give them a heads-up to expect a phone call or email from us. Include their 1) name, 2) title, 3) current company and 4) working relationship with you. Thanks!

Step #1 : Prepare & Submit

To begin building your DecisionProfileTM we'll need an MS Word version of your current resumé emailed to us right away.

Prior to submitting your resumé, please perform some quick updates as demonstrated in the sample below. We will also need you to submit at least 2 Professional References which may be checked immediately.

This process will take only about ten minutes but will help us to create a more powerful presentation!

Step #2 : Data Mined Skillsets

Our experts will review your background to match you with the top searches in our active portfolio.

Once you've been matched, we'll email back to you a personal link whereby you may begin data mining your top deliverables.


Using the easy tools provided there, we will ask you to quantify and qualify your best skillsets as to 1) expertise, 2) years-of-experience and 3) other valuable selling points.

Note: Our team may have already selected some skillsets for you based upon our review of your resumé. Please make any changes to our choices as you deem necessary. The form is built using extensive drop-lists based upon responses from previous candidates so it is very easy to complete.

Step #3 : Review & Approval

Once we've processed your information, a first draft DecisionProfileTM will be emailed to you for final review.

Upon receiving your ok, we'll upgrade your system status to "Sendout" and immediately begin notifying you by email of exciting new opportunities which meet with your background and career goals!

You simply cannot be missed if you possess the skills our clients seek! Talk with you soon!