A Brand New Approach to Consulting Search...

Times are tough and resumés on the street plentiful, but finding the best talent remains a challenge. Online job boards aren't the answer - they provide only a tiny fraction of professional hires and ads limit you to only those who are actively looking. In this age of faceless technology, the human component is more vital than ever. Why settle for the easiest when the best is what you want?

But what if we could make getting the best easier? The majority of our candidates are not actively looking but rely upon us to inform them when the right opportunity arises. And while we can provide access to the market's hard-to-find talent, is that enough? We don't think so. We want to make the process itself more efficient. In our opinion the greatest single obstacle to success within the interview process is the resumé itself, it simply struggles at getting to the bottom line: does this candidate possess the skillsets necessary to do my job and can they hit the ground running?

Based upon years of interacting with hiring managers, we've designed an exciting new career dashboard to answer in advance the questions our clients typically ask in follow-up phone calls. No more recruiter-tag to fill in the blanks, everything you need to make a quality interviewing decision will be right at your fingertips! We call this empowering new presentation tool the DecisionProfileTM - just take our interactive tour below to learn more!...

Hiring Managers:

The introduction of our highly-structured new DecisionProfileTM means that each candidate’s background has been thoroughly data mined and dashboarded with the singular goal of answering your toughest questions in advance. The skillsets you require are always in the same place, so reviewing even complex backgrounds becomes a snap!


Our exciting new installment fee structure allows you to spread your fee payment over the first full year of employment! No more sketchy 90-day guarantees; simply pay as you go in twelve equal installments - we win together!

Consulting Candidates:

Our exciting new DecisionProfileTM is the ultimate first-impression tool. Never again will you be passed over for an interview simply because the skillset our client sought was buried within the narrative of your resumé. Your top deliverables will leap from the page in this highly-structured, easily-reviewable format.


Since we present only a few candidates for each search, you'll be one of a select group rather than another faceless resumé in a nameless ad response. Your profile will be easier to review, so hiring managers will consider you first!

Exciting New Installment Fee Structure!

In order to create a “win-together” fee structure, we've decided rather than collecting a full fee up front and offering a standard 90-day guarantee, we'll spread your fee payment over 12 equal installments lasting the first full year of employment! This way, we get paid as you get paid and we’re only compensated in-full after your new hire has contributed to your bottom line for an entire year!

The DecisionProfileTM...

Imagine for a moment a brand new kind of resumé - one which quantifies and qualifies each candidate's top deliverables into a highly structured, easily-reviewed matrix?

Your must-have requirements will be fulfilled at-a-glance with our exciting new data mined and dashboarded presentation. It's a powerful tool for empowered professionals!